Kichu Dandiya, completed her B.A hons in jewellery design fro Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. London. After her education she returned to Jaipur, India, to develop a close working relation with artisans and have a first hand experience with the trade.  In late 2014, she founded her eponymous label “KICHU”.

KICHU is a narrative in contrast where inspiration is draw from various ethnicities into a visually modern concept. Highly appreciative of traditional cultures as well as modern and urban societies and not bound by social fads, the brand aims to be ever-changing and always evolving.

KICHU is not just about the creative process that goes into the making of jewellery but the cognition that fashion jewellery is a lot more than just “junk jewelery”.

 “Young brand Kichu, with unusual pieces like the “Sharktooth earrings and the Bison head necklace, proves that gold jewellery can have an identity beyond the tradiational”  - Vogue India.